May, 18rd 2017: crowdfunding without borders

Hola! Our apologies, yesterday's newsletter was sent to you in spanish only, here goes the english version:

People who connect with other people supporting their ideas and projects, contribute to promote a social and solidarity economy. And crowdfunding is one of the tools that make it possible. In this sense matchfunding also creates the possibility for public and private, state or international institutions to redistribute grants and economic resources. This is the case of open call projects in the Goteo platform like:

Fem Educació, with € 40,000 to double the funding of educational innovation projects: the call is open until May, 23 .

Metal!, with € 70,000 matchfunding available to fund up to 20 projects and innovative cultural initiatives, promoted by agents based in Gipuzkoa. Call open until June 9.

Europeana. Strike a match for education, with € 10,000 has selected three cultural heritage projects with social and educational impact, in which you can contribute until June 25. And for every € you bring, Europeana gives another €.

Next Tuesday, May 23, we will talk about crowdfunding and business models and financing for startups in a Finance and Entrepreneurship workshop in the Circular Economy in Amsterdam.

If you want to contribute to expanding the social economy ecosystem you can do it by supporting some of the following projects. Do you want to contribute with this economic system? :)

Fashion that makes history
Preserving the important legacy of the fashion designer Frieda Verhees at the MoMu Museum
Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Dauphin-Verhees's Study Collection
By: MoMu
Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Dauphin-Verhees's  Study Collection
Categories: Educational
Frieda Dauphin-Verhees is a costume designer who collected clothing and accessories throughout her entire life. Her collection consists of thousands of objects, from dresses from the roaring twenties and skirts from the ‘50’s, to power pumps from the ‘80’s. During Frieda’s career as a costume designer these pieces inspired her work in the theater. Later in her life, when Frieda taught costume design at the Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp, her students researched costume history...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.930 _ Optimum € 16.130
Remaining: 18 days
Animals in the Great War
An eBook to study the Great War through the standpoint of the animals that took part of it
Gli animali nella Grande Guerra/Animals in the Great War
By: Associazione Culturale Se
Gli animali nella Grande Guerra/Animals in the Great War
Categories: Educational
This project took shape in 2016 during a seminar dedicated to the presence of animals at the front. Presented to an audience of 500 secondary school students and teachers, the topic was enthusiastically received. Students experienced for the first time a different point of view in First World War studies, while teachers expressed much interest in having more tools at their disposal to refresh their approach history teaching. “Animals in the Great War” would meet the needs of both...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.000 _ Optimum € 10.000
Remaining: 18 days
More than just accommodation
Intercultural understanding and support to the Palestinian cause through a sustainable tourism
Al Mukhayam: Caminando hacia la autogestión
By: Gaza: Tierra y Libertad
Al Mukhayam: Caminando hacia la autogestión
Categories: Social
To this day, the Association Gaza: Land and Freedom has operated with the own resources of the people that take part in it; however, in order to continue growing and getting involved in new projects, we agreed that we should find a more stable source of income that should guarantee our independence. Then the possibility arose of managing in the village of Hornachos, Badajoz province, a set of 8 rural apartments and a restaurant-bar. To embark on this project also implied the availability...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.500 _ Optimum € 10.500
Remaining: 25 days
SSE Congress
The UniverSSE 2017 congress is almost there! But Its members need your help to cover the travel
Athens UniverSSE 2017 Congress : no one left behind!
By: UniverSSE 2017 Congress
Athens UniverSSE 2017 Congress : no one left behind!
Categories: Social
UniverSSE 2017 is the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy that will take place in Athens from the 9th till the 11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroot initiatives, SSE organizations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event. GENERAL INFORMATION During the 3day Congress, we are going to have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, expertise and common strategies around SSE. We consider SSE...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.075 _ Optimum € 8.150
Remaining: 30 days
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