1821 Greek Revolution History Platform

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e-card plus credit

A thank you e-card illustrated with a picture, addressed to you personally + your name will be credited in the supporters' list on the website.

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digital poster

e-card + mention in the supporters' list on the website + digital poster in high resolution (for A3 print size)

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Quasi, quasi, quasi estem... Com acabarà aquest Goteo? Fes clic per saber qui ens ha recolzat ja.
A una setmana del tot o res, no tens res a perdre perquè juntes ho podem tot.
20 dies de campanya a Goteo, i tot un món per davant! T'animes a ajudar-nos també amb això? (fes clic)

Did you know?

The Greek peninsula has always been a crossroad for people, merchandise and cultures between East-West and North-South. So camels were not an unusual sighting in Greece of the period! Just like in Egypt or in the Middle East areas, they were the...

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can History be playable?


Elias (Stouraitis) and Ilias (Marmaras) participated yesterday in the “Theorizing Historical Culture” workshop in Athens, organised by Historein/Ιστορείν  a scientific/academic group...
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Spanish subtitles added!

Spanish subtitles have been uploaded on the promo video of the campaign, so that its message can easier reach out to the Spanish-speaking people that Goteo community extends to in Spain or elsewhere.

A big thanks to Beatriki for joining...
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Fa una setmana que vàrem iniciar la nostra campanya, aquí els nostres perquès (clic)
Necessitem suports a Goteo per assolir aquests objectius (fes clic)

Important notice! / Σημαντική ανακοίνωση! / Aviso importante!

Important notice!

Monetary contributions into the campaign from Greece can be done only from people that have or can create a Paypal account, due to the capital controls implemented in Greece (still not making possible online donations via...
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Això és el que volem fer, i aquests i aquestes som nosaltres.

The campaign only just started!

The warm-up of the first day in the matchfunding campaign has already shown results in the quick reflexes of our first contributors! The aim, we believe, is not too ambitious and the road to a successsful campaign lays ahead...

The first steps...
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Primer parell de donacions, gràcies! :)
Arrenca aquesta campanya!