GnuPG: new website and infrastructure

Finançat el 07 / 02 / 2014
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To thank you for your support your name will be added to the page of donors on the new website. Choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

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GnuPG laptop sticker

New stickers especially for this campaign. They're the first GnuPG stickers ever made, and a slick way to show your support for powerful crypto.

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Limited edition GnuPG tshirt

Crypto is cool. Wear your support with this organic and fair trade high quality cotton tshirt.

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An address

Choose your own address at These email aliases are exclusive and have never been available before.

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Status update


you can find the latest status report at .
If you have comments please send them to the gnupg-users mailing list.

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Progress on rewards


This is a quick update on the status of this campaign.

Meanwhile 191 of 193 mail aliases have been setup. The bulk of the money made it into our account on Friday and thus we are now able to order the physical rewards. Due to a lot...

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T-shirt sizes and mail address setup

Yesterday we sent out mails to all backers who selected a sticker, t-shirt, or mail address as reward. Out of the 819 mails sent we received 505 answers so far. Many thanks.

Unfortunately we found that about 40 backers didn't enter a mail...

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30.000 EUR Reached!

Thank you to everyone who who donated over the 24.000 target - because of you we've now hit 30.000 EUR - 140% of our original minimum goal!

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Goal reached, thank you backers!

It took only 26 hours to breach the optimum goal of 24.000 EUR - a huge thank you goes out to all of our 782 backers for making GnuPG's first ever crowdfunding drive a huge success! Achieving the goal on this particular day, GnuPG's 16th birthday...

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GnuPG is 16 years old today

Today marks 16 years since the first release of GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). In that time the project has grown from being a hacker’s hobby into one of the world’s most critical anti-surveillance tools. Today GnuPG stands at the front line of the...

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